AM Data

The studies we carry out require the management and control of a large amount of data which has been introduced manually up to now by our technicians and verified by the Quality Assurance Unit before extending it to our clients. 

With the aim of going a step further in terms of quality and transparency, today we can present AM Data, a new data and management System “Audit Trail” for our laboratory. A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) specifically created to solve the specific needs of AM Animalia.

The implementation of this software replaces manual registration with computer registration. This involves the elimination of paper and a complete digitized management of studies and related points (calibration of equipment, personnel training, inspections...), ensuring maximum data entry control in all laboratory processes and minimizing possible registration errors.

Thanks to this new investment, you, our clients will be able to export the data and information of your studies immediately with a total guarantee of transparency.

We continue to work with and for you.

Welcome to the new AM Animalia!