AM Strain

We can now make our new Strain Bank official. AM Strain is the latest innovation of AM Animalia.

It is a new department created with the aim of acting as a repository of microorganisms to be used in trials and/or experimental protocols to improve animal welfare.

Our mission: to identify, characterise and conserve microorganisms from both reference strains and those isolated on livestock farms.

AM Strain is located in the GLP-certified facilities of our headquarters. It has a room with restricted access to staff, thus complying with biosafety regulations, equipped with conservation systems at different temperatures, ensuring the specific needs of each microorganism.

This conservation equipment has automatic temperature recording, an immediate warning alarm system and a back-up system in the event of a breakdown or power failure. In this way, the preservation of the properties of the microorganism is guaranteed.

AM Strain, like all AM Animalia departments, works in accordance with quality standards, according to GLP regulations, ensuring compliance with biosafety regulations, validation of methods and equipment for handling and, in this case, preservation of microorganisms.