Collaboration with Immunostep

AM Animalia puts its resources and knowledge at the service of the investigation and progress.

Some weeks ago a team of investigators from the Spanish public Council for Scientific Research (Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques or CSIC), announced that they had developed new antibodies tests which make it possible to know the immunity against Covid-19 with a 98% reliability.

These serological tests are essential to determine who has had the illness and who is already immunized, will be manufactured by the Spanish company Immunostep, in ELISA kit.


Today we can announce our collaboration with Immunostep in obtaining the hyperimmune sera of these kits, to deal with Covid-19.


In the laboratory of AM Animalia, we have been working round the clock in all kinds of studies and tests which have make it possible.

Therefore, we want to emphasise, once more, the work of our technical team as well as view the importance of the investment done in the different investigation areas.


We are proud to be part of this professional challenge, at the service of the global Health.


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