Last Tuesday, AM Animalia Bianya, SL celebrated the First Scientific Day in Mas la Casanova, located in the middle of la Vall de Bianya and surrounded by a stunning landscape. There were 5 speakers who gave very interesting lectures. Alba Trabal and Ariadna Pey, veterinarians at Animalia, Jordi Baliellas, veterinarian at GSP Lleida, Joaquim Segales, professor of UAB and researcher at IRTA-CReSA and Pedro Iñaki González, expert in genomics and metagenomics at Microomics Systems, SL.

Organizing this First Scientific Day has been a challenge for Animalia and we are very happy with the success of the congress since about 50 people attended. We could also enjoy a fantastic breakfast and lunch in the garden having the opportunity to talk with all the attendees.

That’s why we want to thank the speakers and the attendees and we hope this will be the first of many Scientific Days at Animalia. Thank you very much.