XVI Congress of the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences

Last November, the 'XVI Congress of the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences' took place, and we were lucky to participate offering information of general interest to the professionals of the sector who attended the lectures.

SECAL (Sociedad Española para las Ciencias del Animal de Laboratorio) contacted AM Animalia, firstly because it is one of the few national centres specialising in large animals, and secondly because of the characteristics of our CRO, as we have both conventional and biocontainment facilities.

It is vital for AM Animalia to contribute to different areas of research, putting our professional experience at the service of science.

Our contribution to the congress consisted of showing different practical examples comparing conventional and biocontainment facilities. Examples that made reference to how natural or artificial lighting affects biological rhythms in reproduction, how the type of feeding can lead to high maintenance costs, or how the material of the surface where the animals are housed and tread, can be directly associated with certain morphological problems.

AM Animalia would like to thank SECAL for their proposal to participate and, above all, for their continued commitment to offering quality information, which in this case was in person.

A pleasure!

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