Ethics Committee on Animal Experimentation

What is the Ethics Committee on Animal Experimentation (ECAE) and what does it manage?

It is the body responsible for evaluating projects with experimental animals. In the phase prior to the start of a study, the ECAC evaluates the experimental design guaranteeing animal welfare and thus complying with RD 53/2013.

At the same time, the ECAE advises AM Animalia staff working directly with animals on animal welfare issues such as: 3R (replacement, reduction and refinement), establishment and review of processes for communication and monitoring of information related to animal welfare, and re-accommodation or adoption.

The ECAE also acts as a liaison between competent authorities, communicating or requesting specific authorisations for the assessed projects.

Since 2017, the ECAE has been authorised by the competent authorities as a qualified body.

The fact that the ECAE of Animalia has been authorized by the Generalitat de Catalunya (competent body) is an important benefit that directly affects you, our clients. This means that at AM Animalia we can evaluate and authorise 'Type I' projects without waiting for acceptance by the AEC (Animal Experimentation Commission) and, therefore, projects can be started very quickly.

In short, we like a job well done and well implemented protocols.